Own your story

There’s a great quote from Brené Brown (among thousands more – I mean c’mon! The woman’s incredible!):

“You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

I’m sure it’ll resonate in different ways for different people; but for me it sums up perfectly that we absolutely must be ourselves.  All the crazy weird traits we have, our likes, our hates, our loves; all our individualities that make us completely unique.


Be Flawsome!

I’m all up for discovering new words! Especially when they’re as good as this 🤩

I love that I get to work (and form beautiful new friendships!) with people who start owning their ‘FLAWSOME’ and thrive 💖

Nobody’s perfect, we’re all individual and unique and that’s what makes us so incredible.

Forget trying to fit in!


Be You!

When we can embrace our flaws and imperfections, understand that what’s different about us is what makes us special; that’s when the magic happens. We start to live our story, authentically, and we stop believing we’re ‘less than’ or unworthy in some way. That’s when feeling worthless becomes a thing of the past.

What really is perfection?

If happiness is your goal, then abandon your desire for perfection.

Striving for excellence is great, because you’ll try your very best. But perfectionism’ll leave you feeling ‘less than’ and like a failure more often than not.

With perfectionism comes shame, fear, and self criticism. You don’t need any of those in your life!

Instead of aiming for perfection, why not try aiming for better than yesterday. After all, good enough IS good enough.





The one thing they have in common is you.

They’re all within your reach, but absolutely start with you.

Be YOU! Because you are beYOUtiful!

If, like most people, you love the idea of this, but need some help really feeling it, maybe you need me!