One comment can change someone's day

Having never worked (aside from school / college years) in the private sector, I always had a perception of it being a “dog eat dog” environment, where everything was a competition.  So far, I’ve found the exact opposite to be true.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my business recently, looking at ways to promote it, my ideal client, who I want to help, etc.  In working through these things, I’ve met some incredible people – some who work in the same field as me, others in completely different areas.  One thing has struck me though – so many entrepreneurs are working towards the same overall goal – to lift people up!  To empower them!  To help people live the happy, free life that they’ve always wanted.  It’s inspiring and feels so good!

“Energy is contagious: either you AFFECT people, or you INFECT them” (unknown)

People WANT to help. Even people who work in the same field as I do.  There really IS room for everyone!  And I guess the great thing about coaching specifically is that there is such a variety of people and methods, so while we all might have the same intention, it’s down to the client to choose their “best fit” so they can get results that work for THEM.

I hear you..  ‘Where is she going with this?!’

Stick with me – I have a point! 😉

So powerful

I attended a training day during the week.  I knew a couple of people, others not so much, some not at all.  During one exercise, we had to walk around the room being dismissive of each other, like we really couldn’t be arsed to engage with anyone.  A few minutes later, we had to walk round the same room again, in among the same people, and this time we greeted each other like long lost friends.

The result was so powerful!

The noise level increased, the mood of the room lifted – MY mood lifted.

Instant and palpable

The point of the exercise was to show that sometimes, we can be affected by the low mood of others.  Having felt the effects of this before, I wasn’t surprised.

But my own personal ‘slap in the face’ realisation was that the OPPOSITE is also true!  The change was instant and palpable!  And continued through the rest of the day.

As it transpired, the course facilitator ended my day by saying probably the loveliest thing anyone I’ve only just met has ever said to me in my life.  She took me aside before I left and said “you have the brightest light shining from you, I don’t know if you knew that?”

I came home literally sparkling and fizzing off the energy!

This morning, I’ve heard an example of the exact opposite in action.  Someone in business approached my friend online out of the blue and asked her to sign up to her new course so she could lose weight.  My friend hadn’t interacted with this person or their business, in any way before this morning, and had no intention to!

Talk about ‘mood hoover’!

Fortunately my friend is super happy with the way she looks – and rightly so, because she’s bloody stunning!  But this approach made me think back to some of my own experiences in the past.  Comments such as “you’d be really pretty if you lost weight”, or “ooh, if you changed your hair, you could be so attractive”.

I’ve heard this kind of thing said to other people as well.  They might be well intentioned comments, but they can be so damaging!

Because we're all pretty bloody amazing EXACTLY the way we are!

We have the power

These experiences prompted me to get on here and share my week, because energy truly is contagious!  We have the power to lift people up with a single comment or interaction.  And why wouldn’t we?!  It can help that person feel good, but d’you know what?  It makes US feel amazing too!

If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends like me, you’ll understand why I’ve been reminded of an episode a couple of times this past week – the one where Joey challenges Phoebe to find a selfless good deed…  As Phoebe found out, I think he might be right – there isn’t one!

Try it for yourself.  Pay someone a compliment – a genuine one.  Or give a testimonial or recommendation for someone you’re worked with.

Let me know how it feels!