Eye catchingly addictive

Social Media looks so eye catching from the outside; but get addicted, and it can ruin you from within.

I remember despising social media.  When things in my life felt so crap, and all I could see were images of other people’s life which looked so amazing, so perfect.  For me, during those times of despair, it truly was a beast.  And I was completely naive to the damage I was subjecting myself to.  Torturing myself by comparing my life to the other glossy looking perfection that seemed to be the world of everyone around me.

Little did I know at the time I’d end up running a business which relies so heavily on Social Media! Or that I’d end up being so very thankful and grateful for all it’s brought to my life.

It deepened my misery through the darkest of times, but brings me some of the greatest joy that exists in my life now.

Sounds crazy, right?  But it’s totally true!

Thank you!

Since starting my business, I’ve met some of the most inspiring, awesome, supportive, and truly magnificent human beings.  I’ve lost count of the number of friends I’ve made through social media – collaborators, mentors, cheerleaders; so many like minded people who I simply adore!

And this coming from a woman who spent much of my life feeling like I’d never fit in anywhere!

I can’t explain how grateful I am for the support I (often unexpectedly) receive.  The random acts of kindness coming my way; new, incredible clients who come into my life having seen a post of mine someone’s shared; new opportunities opening up to me all the time…

The list goes on!

The people I’m surrounded by is the common denominator – so by extension, I have to give credit to that beast of Social Media, because I’d never have met these incredible people had it not been for that!

Now, the last thing I want is to give the wrong impression – I’m mindful of how addictive Social Media can be, and how much damage it can do. I’m not suggesting for one minute that it’s the proverbial “be all and end all”.

So here are my 5 top tips for you, based on my own experience:

Keep business and Personal accounts accounts separate.

This helps you maintain those all important healthy boundaries.

Un-follow anything and anyone whose content you don’t resonate with, or makes you feel shitty.

Whether that’s how you feel about yourself, the way someone else is being portrayed or treated, or simply because you don’t like it anymore.

Silence notifications for anything that feels too overwhelming.

You might not want to completely un-follow, but this helps things feel less “busy”.

Step back when you need to.

Nobody needs to be on social media 24/7, and it’s important to look up and enjoy your real world surroundings and join in with it.

Actively engage with who and what makes you feel good.

Hitting your ‘like’ button, commenting and sharing posts you like helps drown out the negative, and boost your feed with those great vibes.  (I’m a bit of a technophobe but there must be some kind of clever techy algorithm here, because even I’VE noticed how my feed’s completely transformed doing this!

It's all about balance

As with everything in life, balance is important. I know I’ve found mine when I look at the friends I’ve made, and the incredible community I feel part of.

Many people struggle to find that delicate balance – not just with social media, but in many areas of their life – and part of what I love so much about my work is that I help people find it, and – importantly – maintain it, consistently.

For me, true Beauty has emerged from the Beast.

If you’re still looking for that Beauty, click the “Work with me” tab and have a look at the different options available for you, or get in touch so we can have a chat if you have more questions.