We all need to push it sometimes!

I’m a huge fan of the “switch it off and on again” fix.

I’ve lost count of the number of times it’s fixed a tech issue just in time to stop me throwing a gadget or gizmo out the window.  Or – more accurately – against the wall in a temper when it won’t do what I want it to!

But COVID’s had the whole world on a rest this year – slightly more dramatic than throwing something out the window, granted.

I’m very aware I’m in a super fortunate position – my regular job is always needed, and my business can run solely online.  So for the most part – aside from a few buggeration factors which took a little while to get used to – the first few months of the outbreak didn’t see many changes to my life.

But turns out I wasn’t immune to the need for an enforced reset, having succumbed to the dreaded symptoms and having to take a few weeks off.

Take a break

I had no choice but to take a step back from work and the business, and the children were safely with their Dad for the duration.  Everything stopped.  Except A LOT of rest.

But I’m not immune to beating myself up about the things I haven’t done, or that I “should” be doing.

I could see things round the house I’d been blind to for a long time.  Projects I’d meant to start, or admin I’d planned to sort.  All when I “had time”, but I’d not made time for it.

And it quickly gave me the realisation that I haven’t actually been following my own advice for a bit too long.  I was taking an extended break because I needed to, but couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a day where I wasn’t either working, or working on / in the business, or running round for the kids.

Invest in Rest

I've made a commitment to myself

Before I returned to work, I made a promise to myself.  I know how important rest is, and how vital it is to look after myself – I tell other people all the time, so I should know by now!

Put your own mask on first.

I’ve seen people quote that phrase so many times recently, and it’s so true.  We’re genuinely more productive and helpful to ourselves and other people when we follow this one simple rule.

My reminder was a pretty drastic one – and very NOT enjoyable! – but valid all the same.

So spend a few minutes now asking yourself when the last time you took a break was.  A proper one I mean.  Do you have one?  A whole day?  Some of the day?

And I challenge you to make a commitment to yourself today for regular time out just for you.  Make it a non negotiable and get it scheduled in your diary or phone or calendar, wherever your daily life plan is held.

Drop me a line and let me know what your commitment to yourself will be.