Do you want comfort or progress?

One of the results of my clients’ journey with me is ditching the mask they’ve hidden behind for years.

You know the one I mean right?  That figurative mask that’s so cleverly multi-functional – masquerading the well-rehearsed smile that stops your emotions spilling over.  You parade the corporate, professional air you think you“should” have; and hide the “real” you.  Behind the mask, you feel like a fraud, waiting to get found out at any moment as a trickster who’s been ‘lucky’ to get where you are.

People stay hidden away for so many reasons, not least because it means they don’t have to face the scary vulnerability of being real.

Yep – I had that mask for years too!

It’s the mask that fooled me into believing it was vital to wear to keep me safe, and comfortable.

The reality is that holding onto that mask slows down any kind of progress we could otherwise be making.  Actually, I’d argue that it halts progress altogether, because in my experience, that’s exactly what it did.

It’s easy for me to see why people hide away for so long, when they start expressing the shame and embarrassment they’ve felt through much of their adult life for things like showing emotion, being different, not ‘fitting in’ with the crowd.

But how exhausting is it to live a lie?!

And worse, to not achieve all you know you’re meant for, “if only you were worthy of it’.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde

Be you

Being you is the most perfect thing you can be!  And it’s something only you can do.  Nobody else can, it’s impossible!  Once you accept that “everyone else is taken”, the pressure’s off.

Step into your potential.

The magic of embracing who you really are, and all that you’re capable of is immense.  And the potential of that acceptance is virtually limitless.

I know first hand the progress that’s achievable, and I see it over and over again in my clients as they reveal parts of their individuality they’d long since forgotten they were hiding.  They take their first tentative steps towards liking themselves, and then grow in confidence when they see their life change for the better as soon as they overcome the fear of vulnerability and live more authentically.

So, I ask you again – do you want comfort, or progress?

Hiding your uniqueness, and all that colourful depth of human character that comes with emotions and personality and feeling makes it so much harder to work through things and progress.

Think about what you can achieve by showing up as the real you.  Yes, it might feel scary.  Yes, it might be uncomfortable for a while.

I promise you it's worth it!