Rise and Thrive

Empowerment journey

Discover your sparkle as you experience the lightbulb moments, happiness and joy of empowerment.


It's time to stand up and be counted

And that’s exactly what my 1:1 RISE AND THRIVE package is designed to deliver for you.

We’ll work together for 12 weeks, and everything is tailored to your individual situation, to take you on a full empowerment journey to wherever you want to be.

With each session we’ll build your confidence, by really diving deep and processing the changes you’re experiencing, week by week.  100% of my clients have felt the benefits within the first hour, and it just gets better and better, so I’m sure you’ll feel the buzz of excitement by session two.

Low self-esteem can affect so many areas of our life.  And when we’ve worked together I want you to feel and understand the impact it’s had on you, on the people around you, and on your whole life.

But as we celebrate your successes along the way, and explore how we can work with those to maximise your confidence in other areas of your life, you’re never gonna’ wanna to go back to that mindset because you’ll see where you want to be, and you’ll know what you’re gonna’ do to get there!

That’s one of the favourite things about what I do.  That lightbulb moment.  That spark when the change happens and you feel like you’re well on your way, feeling empowered, and experiencing happiness and joy.  And I can’t wait to help you experience it for yourself.

You can experience this journey for a one off investment of £1450


Or 3 installments of £497



1-hour Trust You session

I get it, I’ve been there and I know how the challenges we face can make us question ourselves.

One small thing can knock us back and trigger feelings we thought we’d beaten.  So I also offer 60-minute accountability and Trust you sessions for clients who’ve preciously worked through the full programme with me.  We will work together to refocus and revisit the process to get you back on track super quick.

We have to trust the work we’ve done, and I’ll be with you to reassure and empower you to believe in you.  I know you’ve got this, and deep down so do you, but sometimes we all just need a little nudge, right?

You can book a Trust You session for an investment of £229




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