Lorna Webley

Business Owner: NORLA – Permanent Makeup

121 coaching with Nicky has changed my life.

She is a fantastic coach who genuinely thrives off helping others.

I took part in her 6 week programme and at the beginning I thought I was a lost cause.  With Nicky’s help I now see how far from the truth I was.

Nicky helped me to shift my mindset and recognise my worth. I am hands down more content with who am I am as a person.

This is only the beginning, accepting you’re awesome feels odd at first but you know what it also feels amazing!

Nicky listened, did not judge and if anything I felt she was my biggest cheerleader.

Now I am my own cheerleader and the future feels bright. I am happier now than I have been in years.

I am more grateful for Nicky than she will ever know 




At various points in my life I have received counselling and psychotherapy, but each time I found it draining and not necessarily relevant to delve into my family history, or look too deeply at how other people’s past actions may have negatively affected my mental state.  In fact I had a reasonably happy upbringing with the usual trials along the way.  but recently I have felt my life lacked direction or motivation.  I have been less in control of my destiny, or my emotions, and somehow lost my sense of myself.  At our first session it was as though I had found my “rock”.  I poured out random thoughts and fears.  Nicky listened patiently and gently encouraged me to examine my feelings, both negative and positive.  It was tough, but throughout it felt somehow uplifting, not exhausting, even as we discussed some deeply held negative beliefs and problems.  Nicky has gently led and guided, never judged or prescribed, but always allowed and firmly encouraged me to be myself – and a version of myself which is for me, not a version of myself defined by someone else.

Jenny Lawrence


Nicky is someone who listens without judging, cares deeply about what you’re going through and helps without telling you what to do.  without her help over the last year I most definitely would not be where I am today.  She was born to do this and I’m so glad to have had her helping me.

Nicky helped me through a very difficult part of my life.  I was trying to ignore my emotional health in pursuit of my career.  Nicky helped me to concentrate on my health whilst managing my career path.  Now, 6 months on, I am not looking back.  My emotional health is stable and my career is beyond my expectations.

Sharon Maume

Business Owner: SBA Counselling

Nicky has some amazing tips to cut through the shizzal and excuses.  I love her approach and I think I have had the most productive morning in a long time after our 1:1 session.

At the end of our sessions I was able to give myself permission to be ‘me’ which has helped to move my business forward knowing that my ideal client will find me because I resonate with them.

Once again thanks for the opportunity to re-think some of the obstacles that have been in my way.

Now it’s time to reach for the stars!



I spent the best part of 2 years trapped in a cycling of bottling up when I wasn’t okay, trapped by nightmares and anxiety.  I knew where I wanted to be but not how to get there.  With an overwhelming sense of compassion, empathy, and straight talking sense, Nicky gave me a gentle nudge, then a giant shove that I needed in the right direction.  There aren’t many people who could have got me to open up in this way and allowed me in doing so to have got back to feeling like myself and back on track.



Feeling lost, and not knowing which way to turn, I met Nicky.  She came into my life through my wife.

My wife was ill and having treatment.  I felt helpless.  I was meant to protect and care for her but I couldn’t.  Never have I felt so useless.

Nicky was great.  Over a few cups of tea (coffee for Nicky!) I was shown how much I was supporting my wife.  I never once felt belittled or less of a man.  If anything, it showed me how much I DID contribute.

I see Nicky as a much needed support and friend.

Jane Pearce


Thanks to Nicky, I was able to see life through clearer eyes.  She couldn’t have come into my life at a better time.  I was low in mood, emotional and confused.

Through time, not once but countless times, Nicky was that constant support needed.  Never any prejudging, she was able to help me understand, look at life and my experiences in different ways, helping me to move on.

Health, work and life caused numerous tears, endless laughter and much deep thinking during our consultations.

Life now is so much better than I could ever have imagined.

Thank you Nicky.