Breakthrough You

See Yourself Differently

A standalone power ‘hour’ to find the breakthrough to unlock the best version of you.


Stride forwards, empowered

A lot of my clients notice a massive difference in just one session.  They see themselves differently and most importantly, they talk about themselves differently.  And I want that to happen for you too.

That’s why my Breakthrough You package is a standalone power ‘hour’, although we can speak for up to 90-minutes depending on the progress we’re making and the breakthroughs you’re feeling.

You’ll get the same experience as all of my clients, so the session will be personalised and tailored to you and you’ll walk away with 5 actionable tips to help you feel empowered moving forwards.

By investing in yourself, you are loving yourself enough to know that the changes are going to be astronomical, and your life is going to be incredible.  Just like you’ve always wanted.  Just like you absolutely deserve.

This is a taster of working together, and I know that sometimes all it takes is one moment to find the breakthrough that unlocks the best version of yourself.

You can invest in a Breakthrough You session for £297




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